Water and Industrial Chemical Tanks

The name R.D Technology is synonymous with water and industrial chemical tanks. Each tank that we make is a triumph of engineering and art. Sleek and sturdy, strong and secure, they are trusted and widely used in residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Making tanks is easy; making tanks that are good is not. We use polyethylene, which is chemically suitable to make water tanks. With the most stringent operating and manufacturing standards, it is no wonder we are the trusted name in the industry.

And when you’re looking for have specific requirements, rotational moulding is what we offer. Whether you make insulated carriers or planter pots, show us your application requirements and we will show you if rotational moulding is what you need. If you want a specific wall thickness, or an exact range of tolerance, or require a specific material, rotational moulding helps save costs and increase productivity. With shorter production time and design flexibility, it is no wonder our clients who use our rotational moulding services have only the best things to say.


Custom Moulding

Custom moulding seals our reputation as one of the very few companies with the right expertise. To do custom moulding requires not just cutting-edge technology, but top class knowledge as well. This is because when a client requests a product or and article to be customized precisely to their needs, the long and complicated process requires more than the ordinary expertise. It requires extraordinary expertise. From complex and intricate sketches to producing mock-ups, from material selection to drawing precise production parameter, from testing and re-testing to the final product, the end result is an accomplishment few can claim success to. Insulated carriers and storage bins are some just some examples. So when you engage in our services, just tell us what you want. We will take it from there.


Roto Lining. NEW!

Steel or polyethylene? Steel is strong but succumbs to corrosion and may interact with chemicals. Polyethylene is lightweight but has risks of damage. Why not combine the best of both? Using technology that took years to perfect, the advanced roto lining process adjoins polyethylene to steel, allowing you to reap the benefits of both, while minimizing the cons at the same time. The result is superior quality, capitalizing on the synergistic benefits of two well-established elements, proving once again that at R.D Technology, it is about delivering more than we promise.
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