Every minute, there are water tanks high up on the roof of a household, or sewerages in the midst of desludging, or a decanter centrifuge halfway through its assembling; all running with perfect synchrony. They are diverse, but all have one thing in common: they bear the unmistakable hallmark of R.D Technology: trustworthy and reliable.

That’s no surprise. Our spread and influence is indeed vast. From making tanks and to custom moulding, from sewerage desludging to distributing sophisticated decanter centrifuges, the scope of what we offer may look like a wide spread, but they are all made with the same care and attention we give to each and every one of our products: a level of attention that disqualifies a product from being released when failing the standards even by the smallest margin. Every product or service that bear the name of R.D Technology has to go through the most stringent manufacturing and operating standards. That is why when they reach you, you can be assured that you’re getting nothing but the best.

The business is all about balance. Cutting edge technology is balanced with a care for the environment; complicated diagrams on the drawing board come hand in hand with an obsession for perfection; state-of-the-art manufacturing processes are followed closely with caring for the people who run it. Progressive technology, coupled with a rigorous process and an unbending promise of quality work synergistically to produce product and services that immediately command the respect and admiration of our peers in the industry.

It was in the tenth month of 1996 that R.D Technology was incorporated. From then on, it has never looked back. Through the years, we build our name, tank by tank, project by project, to becoming the leading name in the industry. The awards and accolades we receive are not for our proud display, but to remind us how we have served you.

Today, we have three major business arms: manufacturing, trading and environmental engineering.

Nestled in the fringes of Bandar Baru Bangi, stands an unassuming building, where inside, activities are abundant. Moulding, shaping, screwing, tightening; each stage of the process is precise, right to the smallest margin. On the other side, the dedicated men and women of R.D Technology pour over complicated diagrams on the custom moulding drawing board, flipping charts of the latest project or busy negotiating with clients, or drawing plans for a desludging assignment.

Arduous, gruelling and laborious- that’s the kind of effort we put into what we do.

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